Compose a creative and healthy lifestyle.
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Cultivating the creative process to make dance and fostering practices to nurture lives.

I, like many women, wear many hats:

I am a mother.

I am a partner-a friend-a colleague.

I am a school director.

I am a Pilates Instructor.

I am a dancer/choreographer.

I am a maker and a shaker.

But in my purest form I AM MOVEMENT.

In this website you will find my work which includes but it is not limited to: dancing, making dances, teaching movement and Pilates while I help people move better and safer while preventing or recovering from injury or labor. With my practices my objectives include but are not limited to: creating community, having conversations, indulging in curiosities, and making discoveries.

Who works with me? Dancers, mothers, grandparents, young souls in their 80’s, runners, yogis, entrepreneurs- anybody interested in moving their body and finding a movement and creative practice.

My education:

Pilates: PMA, Core Dynamics, Aerialates & Buff Bones Certified, Pre-Post Natal Certificate.

Dance: BFA-MFA Dance and Choreography.

Yoga: Adamantine Yoga Teaching Certificate- Formerly Treehouse Yoga.




Fort Collins, Colorado

(305) 498-7464


Areas of Practice

Dancer/ improvisational artist

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At 18 I ventured to the mainland for my BFA in dance from New World School of the Arts and her MFA in choreography from University of Iowa. As an architect of movement I look for opportunities to bring dance to reinvented spaces for audiences to witness the endless possibilities of how art can transform the world around us. My work has been presented in renowned spaces like 100 Grand and Judson Church in New York City as well as in Chicago, Tennessee, Miami, New Hampshire, Minneapolis, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. She is honored to be a company dance for IMPACT Dance Company

Community Builder/ Creative coaching

Community is what makes my work and craft so rewarding. Through my career I have made homes in many places and the first thing I do in a new place is find my tribe. I work with business in the community to bring playfulness back into peoples routine. If you want to cultivate a movement or creative practice and need help being accountable let’s chat.

Choreography/ Teaching

Both my choreographic work and my approach to teaching stem from my curiosity on how we interact with one another- what inspires us, what pushes us, what breaks us and what brings us together. I have great respect for tradition and see its value on how dance and technique have evolved to the styles we have today which you can see very vividly in my work and teaching. I like my dancers and students to be able to embody the different textures and emotional states their instrument can play to bring audiences into their journey and at the same time learn how to be better people.

Moving Through pregnancy

Growing a life is an amazing adventure and one that takes a woman’s body through a unique journey. At times this journey might make a woman feel as if they have lost connection to their body. Moving Through Pregnancy is a fun and safe movement practice that will help the momma to be to regain control of their body while strengthening it for labor through each trimester.

Pilates/ Barre

Pilates changed my life! You have probably have heard that and you have probably thought to yourself “yeah I need me some o f that pilates stuff” Well, let’s start! Pilates is not just for dancers, athletes, young people etc. Pilates is for everybody! Every age, cultural-socioeconomic background, every level of experience or stage of life. My barre classes are unique mainly because I do not approach them as just an exercise class- I combine my 20+ years of dance experience with my 15+ years of Pilates experience. I work with groups as well as privates, duets and trios. So, what is stopping you now? Let’s get you reacquainted to your body.

Moving through Motherhood (6 months and beyond)

This program is for any momma who has gone through labor, wether it was 6 months ago or 12 years ago. Feeling like '“your insides are forever falling out” does not have to be the norm. This program will help the woman’s body regain strength in their pelvic floor muscles, abdominals, back, legs and arms while working on correct posture to continue to move through motherhood with less pain and discomfort.


Nothing is more revealing than movement
— Martha Graham


Let's Chat.

Wether you are looking to collaborate on a project or you need me to hold space and make you accountable for your practice I am here for you. Let’s connect!

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